Monthly Archives: March 2009

A memorable lunch


I was at a working lunch, working my through a sizzler when I drop nay almost fling my knife on the floor.

The fella is gracious, quickly gets me another.

Ten minutes later, the second knife is smearing pepper sauce on the floor, again.

He quickly gets me a third.

Ten minutes, the person next to me drops it.

He is ready with another knife to handover when a passing waiter murmurs something to him

And he says, No, it’s the other one this time!



Sometimes I wonder about this myth called creativity


I came across this advertisement in a city supplement a few days ago and I couldn’t get over how bad the language was. I stared and stared at it and still did not understand what it was trying to project or even promote. It just annoyed me.



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What’s the connection?


The chap sitting next to me noticed the book I had started to read.

“It’s weird,” he says.

What is, I ask him.

“Sarah Joseph is writing on the Ramayana,” he says.

So? I say

“It’s like a brahmin writing on the Bible,” he sums up.

That is weird I tell him.

He nods approvingly.

I say: No, that you think only Hindus can write on and about the Ramayana, is wierd.