Monthly Archives: October 2009

Choices, choices


It’s a word very few people stop and examine, I think. I often to get hear ‘Lucky you are doing what you want to do (though can’t say I agree). You, at least, have a choice… I don’t.’

The way I see it is I am not lucky. It’s a choice I make. I pick one and then don’t think of the other possibilities that could have been. It doesn’t always make it the right choice. Wrong jobs, wrong confessions, horrid companions — all are the result of a choice once made some where. But they were my choices, I would think. Better or worse. Regret not, and learn from, for future reference.

For any decision there are always at least two things you can do. One option might not always be practical or the easier way out, hence seems like ‘no choice’. Is how I rationalised.

But then I read this. (Yes it is a cheesy site but sometimes sums things well). And I realised that’s what bugged me. The constant lack of ownership of choices made.