Monthly Archives: October 2011

An update.


It’s been almost a year since I decided to follow a path where I know not how it ends. ┬áThe path started out with lots of false starts and speed bumps. It had lots moments where you question what you have decided to do, often succumbing to weak thoughts and tempting offers.

Somewhere in that one year I got an opportunity to write for someone who wants to emphasize the importance of following your heart. Not just following your heart but also making sure your head and heart speak in the same voice. What better way to figure out what stops you than finding like-minded people who have taken ‘chances’ or ‘risks’ to find a dream and make it come true. Meeting new people. Listening to their journeys and getting a chance to chronicle it. It’s like finding a whole segment of people who help you to unravel the tangle.

Do check out the Zing Blog.

Turning my world upside down


Spirituality is like a diet – you have to try a few to establish what works for you. Diets comprise different eating habits, different foods and the option of picking and choosing the best points from many to make the perfect diet — for you.

Spirituality follows the same path. It seriously feels like a light bulb went on inside me.