Monthly Archives: August 2007

And we have some more questions…


I am not a very ambitious person. It is something my mother realised long before I did but being one to want to rush up ladders and get to bigger and better positions has not been my aim.

I enjoy the work I do.. most times and other times do it because there is at least some part I enjoy in the process. But other times I love to sleep or stare mindlessly into space or visit books from my childhood but not necessarily spend every other waking moment taking care of the house and chores and the next meal and a new batch of laundry.

If I am not obsessed about my work, does it have to mean I have to be obsessed about housework, bettering me health and generally putting myself last in the order of things?

Am not exactly sure what it is that bothers me.. but the why do I need to choose one side? And if I am not ambitious.. does it mean I want to be married? I dont know but I certainly think not.