Monthly Archives: February 2011

Pick one. Anyone.


There is always a choice.. I have said it before but the more I see short-sighted, blinders-on people, the more I realise people do not realise what choice is. There is always a choice. You may not like or like making it but you have made a choice. Choose not to be blind about it. Choose not be defensive about it. Choose not to resent others for it. It is not the other person’s fault and if you blame it on the other person (parent, spouse, stranger) you are doing so because you do not realise that you alone are responsible for what you do..errr choose.

More money versus less money

Promotion versus responsibility

Paying rent in a city versus buying your own house out of town

Choosing to partner’s friends and parents over yours

Following your dream versus following your duties

Family versus friends

Self employment versus a job

Choosing to grow versus not realising when you need to make that choice

It is always a choice.