Monthly Archives: September 2010

An affair to remember


My company shares the office with a sister concern of the same parent company.

Like any office, it has people dynamics that are difficult to hide despite the fact that we do not interact with them.

One such is the one of the bosses and his (presumably) secretary or assistant.

He is bulky man. She is positively dimunitive. He must be in early if not mid 40s. She can’t be day over 25.

I have overheard him telling her things about how she should dress, walk and talk so that “people notice her.”

I may be wrong and will go out on a limb and say he definitely looking at her charitably. What’s worse is he is all she socialises with –at tea, for lunch and exits with him on her way out of office.

I sense discomfort and under confidence in her body language. I sense arrogance and anger in his.

But what’s telling and noticeable is how much the boss glares .. apparently at everyone around. I say us because I noticed some colleagues mention this glare while I was with them. I have already been on the receiving end of many such stares.

“He keeps glaring at me,” one said.

“Oh I thought he only glares at me,” said another.”After all he is having fun,” second one continued and snickered.

Me. I only have a primeval reaction. Want to stop at his desk and give him one tight slap.

(Please don’t tell me she is doing this willingly.)