Monthly Archives: March 2011

Repetition is the way to go.


Like everything, the Internet is also full of many of many strong opinions. I used to always wonder why does one have to hammer home a point? And here I do not only mean the internet. If I have an opinion and I express it and you and I debate on it (whatever the result), the learnings stay with you and me (expectedly), forming our opinions in the future. No?

Little did I know.

For every opinion or advice that clashes against a deeply held belief (otherwise known as conditioning), expressing (and convincing) once is never enough. It is (and will be) a life long battle where at every opportunity you get and every instance you can, you will ensure that you undo what has taken so many years to form. One line of reason is never enough. It may be for you but when you fight conditioning, repeated reasoning and constant back and forth, where you repeatedly prove you point, only to accept that again in the near future you will have to do that same, is normal.

I feel a familiar rise of ‘oh no here we go again’ every time I hear some trademarked sentences.  I brace myself to use the same sentences and arguments every time, no matter if the people have heard it before. Because sometimes repetition means it will stick. Repetition means some of all the people present will think about what you said. Some may wonder why does she keep saying the same things over and over again. Some may agree and try and change their surroundings. You never know where it makes a difference.

That is why I like this blog so much. She (for most issues) is very clear and constantly reiterates what she thinks, linking and cross linking, patiently explaining her point of view, without grudging repetition and saying the same things over and over again. I used to wonder why. Sometimes when you agree with a certain point of view, you tend to become dismissive of people who aren’t on the same page as you. More so on the internet because it is a relatively one-sided medium. Having come from different groups in my near past who say similar things over and over again and me having to repeat things over and over again has made me appreciate her tenacity much more. And the tenacity of a lot of other friends who knew what they were doing when they were younger and still knew what it was like to fight for a cause.

I was once told to show patience if I wanted to change mindsets and I think I understand that implication today. I may not like it but it could eventually lead to some change. Perhaps that is what it means to give your life for a cause.