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A bearded lady..


The last few months.. the weather has been kind to Mumbai. I chew my nails as I say this as it’s becoming unnervingly hot even as I type this. But I plod on nevertheless.

We have a huge tree of thus far unknown origin in the office premise (that only means that I can’t identify it) and a few days ago.. while standing in its sun-dappled shade and puffing away and trying to keep chai from spilling and hair from becoming a total mess, I discovered one lone hair on my chin.

I have a beard was my immediate thought! That was it! Destiny (and to a degree, hormones) were deciding my next career. Cigarette promptly abandoned, I ran to look for a mirror.

There it was. Not a stray hair. One very definitely attached to my chin. Ohdeargod was all I could think of.

I had visions of shaving daily…my chin ie and a stubble and all kinds of names and freak shows that would call me.

My worry was very evident on my face. A colleague asked me what the matter was. As I reluctantly told her my problem, she laughed… loudly… attracting nosy ears and mouth from adjacent bays..

“C’mon yaar! Every one has them and that’s what threading and waxing is for.” I felt like a school girl being introduced to various feminine rituals.

As days passed I got used to the stray hair on my chin and as it turns out .. every woman has a few stray ones on her chin.. mostly ruthlessly plucked or just as painfully yanked out.. So for now no tufted chin!