Say it to see it


Often I see that until you vocalise or write down your goals/ dreams or ever fears they never really come true. Superstitious that I am, I used to only believe it for the bad things or unfavourable things that happened in life. But let’s test that out shall we?

The last 20-odd months have shown me that you are thrown a curve ball when you least expect it. The result is something you will have wanted all along. The journey may have not been what you had imagined or even expected. Then, as consequences unfold, you realise this is exactly what you wanted! But you are so busy ruing the current circumstances that you do not get a chance to look at the big picture.


When exactly did you wish for it? What else did you wish for then? Who did you curse? Any ill wishes hidden back there? See that’s the scary part! Your wishes might actually come true.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to knuckle down and write down (visualise if you must) what I want out of life. For unless I know what I want, how will I make those wishes actually come true?

Just so that I have a timeline – these goals are for the next three years.

1. Get fit – starting burning fat; eating well and balanced meals. No excuses.

2. Cook and feed healthy foods

3. One hour every day doing what you love – read, garden, stitch, even sleep

4. Conquer one fear in a year at least – jumping off a height, jogging, wearing sleeveless clothes in public.

5. Accept people as they are; not how you want them to be. Even if you don’t like what they are.

6. Crystallise professional goals.

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