There are days when you wonder which turn of your life brought you to this very place. So many random thoughts fly through my head on a second-to-second basis. Most of them random, few deep, couple of ideas that flit on the outskirts of all those thoughts and many wishes that mingle with those thoughts. 

Then a few of those wishes come true. And that scares me. Scares me because who out there is deciding which which wish will come true. Which wish I would wish harder for? Pray harder for? Then I really get scared. Because if all the things I wish for were to come true, I would have some very strange realities to explain.

It also makes me wonder whether working towards what I want isn’t the way to really go about achieving anything? Should I just live my days one at a time and wait for things and events to happen as they will? Sometimes I susbsist on a completely superficial level, only aiming in thought for what I want. How is that any different from randomness actually turning to reality?

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