Happy endings


.. and no, this post is not about happy endings in Thailand.

But instead about the aspirational happy endings women aspire for. Whenever a girl decides to or actually does get married, the most common sentence to accompany it she finally got her happy ending.

It might the end of a long courtship, a long search, a long wait and just a long request list, but all these distinctly imply – that is it, it is finally over. Now when I wake up tomorrow I will be married and taken and the battle is won.

Why does no one ever wish a man this? Why is it not his happy ending? Contrarily he is often teased for ending his free life and happy times.

Is this all conditioning? Is this all about how we are taught to see things? Inability to look past one aspect of your life? So much so that when a feminist got married, she wrote up quite a story.  Is it so tied to failure and success? And more importantly, why is it an ending? Why not a beginning?  Why not just one aspect of your life which could end and it will not mean end of your life.

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  1. i believe most people really discuss relationships (existent/non existent) culminating into a marriage purely out of the norm.. like one is expected to ask if there is a cindrella story behind it all…unfortunately, there isnt any cindrella story and we find our own lives without a beginning or an end…sometimes flat somethings that result in age..
    …i sometimes wonder what it will take for a majority of them out there to just enjoy earth while it lasts…
    ….write more often…u feel more real to me when u write… 🙂

  2. Ruchi: True, about finding yourselves in flat lands without beginning and ends, wondering where that famed happy ending is. Some days are good and you realise happy endings are yours to seek and make, not wait for. Thanks for that, will definitely write more. Have too much bubbling inside anyway.

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