The end of the beginning…


.. in only one sense..

What happens when you are watching a movie that you loved as a child (or even a teenager) and now all you can think is how sexist the movie is? All you can hear is the misogynistic dialogue and  see the ridiculous hopeless scenarios and wonder if all childhood memories will get thus destroyed?

I  mean this specifically only for romcoms I enjoyed as a young(er) girl. Of course it is not a lost cause but now when I watch the movies, they inflame me. I hate how they perpetuate the happy endings which depend on men.  I hate how they make women feel redundant for not being with a man. I hate how the only validation they show is in how you attract a man.  This I used to think only applied to old English movies but turns out even Hindi movies fail the nostalgia test.

And then today after many years I watched another movie I loved from my school days. It was, inexplicably, called Thoda Sa Roomani Ho Jaye. All I remembered of the movie was how it made me feel that many years ago and I was all prepared for it to destroy my memory.

But little did I know that the movie was something that should have seen  a better release.  It is perhaps a movie that applied back then and applies even today. It questions the concept of normal and norms and beauty and dreams. It shows us how unless you believe you are something, the world owes you nothing. The lovely lilting dialogue and the amazing soundtrack. The best part? I love the movie even more today.


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  1. i agree. another film i think sort of passes the adult woman’s test is Naya Daur. Saw it again recently and realised that the women in the film are really strong. they stand with the men, fight for their love, work with the men, and even risk their lives for more than just the man.

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