The title taketh..


.. all the drama from the movies.

One big advantage of being unemployed (or as is politically correct now, self employed) is that I see a lot more of television. That’s when I noticed the profusion of dubbed films sweeping so many Hindi movie channels. I have always had an eclectic taste in Hindi movies but these were movies even I could not sit through.

I realise that dubbing films is a really a big business and many a studio sustains itself only on this line of business but would it be too much to spend a little time on the title?

I never thought twice about ‘Lohe ka Aadmi, 2‘ but then came the long list of Tamil/ Telugu dubbed into Hindi movies on so many of the channels that I started waiting for these movies with glee, just to get my thrill quota from the title.

I present for your reading pleasure only.. for the watching you will have to scour the channels yourself.

The Power Man Dharamveer

The Return of Khuda Gawah

Meri Jung – One Man Army

Aaj Ka Naya Khiladi

Tezaab the Terror

Great Dharmatma

Don No 1

Narasimha The Powerful Man

Trishul The Weapon Never Fails

Main Hoon Rakhwala

Aandhi Toofan


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