Everybody hurts…


It’s that time of the night when every sensation seems so amplified. Coming up to 3 am, reeling from the adrenaline rush from what seemed like a nightmare, I am up and staring at my blog. Wondering why no words have not come to my rescue in these last few weeks and even months.

Earlier today, when I was screaming at someone, I felt something inside me shift. I remembered the exact moment I turned around to scream. I could feel all this poison rise up, like a snake rearing its head, inside me. I kept telling myself I did not want to scream because I am rarely coherent when I am angry.

But this vicious snake-like sensation unfurled and I screamed my head out. Now I am awake, unable to sleep and wondering how does one not lose one’s temper.


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  1. I wouldn’t mind learning how to lose my temper. Effectively. Can never seem to get angry in a way that will make a difference to the person I am angry with.

    Hope you are feeling calmer. 🙂

  2. Nimpipi: Nothing works.. because every argument broaches a hitherto unbroached level of mad.
    Banno: yes I am.. but this once I don’t regret screaming…

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