Survival of the fittest?


Sitting in my pantry, I noticed many crows on the ledge outside. Which seemed a little out of character. As there is never any food outside the pantry.

On further investigation I noticed a kite sitting further down on the ledge, eating a pigeon he had killed (I assume it was a pigeon for the crows seemed too smart)

The kite kept pecking and alternately calling his ilk. Wanting to share the loot I suppose. Very frantic calls, it sounded like.

The crows started crowding him and tried to peck at the dead bird. He kep swatting them with his tail but they wouldn’t give up. The crows even slid off the ledge, which actually made me laugh out loud.

Soon the kite had his fill but didn’t want to fly away ( or couldn’t) and kept sitting, hunched over the dead bird. The crows started to get nastier and the kite, edgier. I felt bad for the kite.. he couldn’t protect his food  even till the next meal.

I am sure that’s how nature intended it but made me feel small. When was the last time you had to fight for your own food?


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