Update 2


DSCN1821I am learning new things everyday and most of it is about myself.

Routines are so important to me. Just cleaning my face, flossing and getting into bed, with a book, comforts me.
How one small snack reminds me home.
How I am missing home this much? Didn’t think I would. I think my parents hear the yearning in my voice.
How I learn that I can live with anyone without really losing my mind or my temper. I, of course,  have huge arguments in my head. But I also realise that’s enough for me. I will do anything to not upset the apparent calm.
Again, wondering what the point of this experience is? And why don’t I have the patience to wait and find out.
Will it show me a new way or help me to take the beaten path, in a better fashion? I am also learning about people who complain constantly and assure me  it’s professional behaviour.



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  1. forget the point. why does there have to be a point. it’s okay to shake up the calm. too much calm not good. i like your header. and its good to know you floss. oral b. long live. also, hug. stick it out. discomfort in small doses is valuable, apparently.

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