Update 1



It’s a Sunday afternoon and the thing I am missing the most seems to be the SUNDAY Papers. A nice cup of tea, made by me, too? At the same time, I am not missing the noise of traffic or incessant honking or the noises I associate with Mumbai.

Sometimes you are too close to something and can’t see the good in it. There are days when I feel like that. It’s been 10 -11 days that I am here now but still feel like a guest or like on an assignment. There are other days when the wind rushes through my face and forces me close eyes and I wonder why I question the timing of it all.





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  1. Why are you questioning timing? I used to miss the Sunday papers too, but not so much now, because like you said being too close to a good thing makes you appreciate it less.. or something.

    Goa looks good even in that little rear view:)

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