Can this be considered my will?


Edited on July 4th, 2009

This was a post I knew I would want to add to. I want to pass on my change in the way I think. I want to teach people around me how mostly everything you think is what makes you happy and not actions and deeds.


I know I do not want to live like a vegetable. No ventilators and no life supports and no brooking arguments. The day I hear of a terminal disease in me is when I would want to take stock of my life and not spend the remaining days tied to a hospital bed. And if I cannot speak, I hope this will does.

All organs that can be donated to someone, must be.

My books to be given away to cousins who would cherish them as much as I would and if no such cousin is found (and no friend comes forward), find the closest school and donate them strictly to the primary section only!

Music is up for grabs but hey, in this day of the internet, I can’t say for sure you won’t find these songs anywhere else. But I have the Gaman songs…

I have many notebooks and envelopes and bits of paper on which I have written out my secrets. I apologise up ahead for those who it will definitely hurt but, if these scraps of paper outlive me, they need to be read. These hold more than just dead relationships.

I cannot list out my passwords here but am still to figure out whether I want to give them out.. Can I will my passwords? Banks’ to parents and blogs to? What about the email passwords? Do I want to will those long, tedious mails?

To all those people I lost touch with, especially voluntarily. Honestly, I stopped carrying grudge long back but had/have too much of an ego to bother with a reconciliation. Hope you had a nice life.

I want to be able to pass on all my happy memories — in words or colours or even pictures — to be able to tell my parents that yes, I did manage to make a happy life. I wish there could have been a version of a pensieve so that I could will all those memories of holidays and treks and lovely moments.


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  1. You know what wills do? They add a century to the life span…

    But this is a very interesting post. Keep revisiting it very year or so. maybe you’ll know who to leave those passwords to, after all….:-)

  2. This is so interesting! I always wondered what would happen to my mailboxes and all the personal stuff they carry. Never thought of ‘will’ing them… now it’s an idea!

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