English is a phunny language


In addendum to fantastic pronunciations, here are some phrases turned on their head, by the same boss.

Cherry-picked (as opposed to handpicked) candidates

Top of the hand (as opposed to the top of the head) ideas

Back to the drawing rooms (as opposed to back to the drawing boards) for new suggestions.



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  1. actually, he wasn’t too wrong about ‘cherry-picked,’ although it does sound vaguely inappropriate. Here’s what OED has to say:

    cherry-pick, v. colloq. trans. To choose selectively (the most beneficial or profitable items, opportunities, etc.) from what is available.

  2. grey: Once expertised was used as a noun.. for me, by the aforementioned gentlemen and I kept hopping around telling him its not a word!! And some days ago I saw it in a newspaper. So you are right, he is, perhaps, not entirely wrong.

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