Post-modernist era?


Two girls sitting in my office pantry, discussing. I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying until I heard the magic phrase, Can you wear Westerns when your in-laws are around?

Girl 1: Can you wear western clothes when your in-laws are around?

Girl 2: I do wear it but not often when we are at their place.

Girl 1: Why?

Girl 2: She (the mother-in-law I assume) mentioned that  it is not a nice thing to wear such clothes around your father-in-law. I tried to wear capris instead of jeans but she asked me to change out of them.

Girl 1: In my case, I am not allowed at all to wear these clothes at my in-laws. Even suits (salwar-kameez) are not ok. They only want me to wear sarees. What is worse is her daughter — my husband’s sister — is allowed to wear jeans in the house. It’s just not fair.

Girl 2: Yeah.. it’s not.. mumbling into the conversation

I don’t know what to say.. as I heard this. My heart sank and I wanted to comfort them. Tell them not everyone thinks like their in-laws. People are definitely moving beyond  how things should be. Aren’t they

But I don’t know. With our regressive trend, it was a depressing end to their conversation.

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  1. this is a common and debatable topic. it’s difficult to understand these issues in bbay but in smaller cities and towns a whole new epic can be written around dressing, behaving, living, loving… and every damn thing on earth.

  2. Yes indeed quite depressing.But its a very common story.But i have two views on this-
    1)a situation like the above smacks of hypocrisy.A bahu is still not counted as one of the family.Has anybody wondered how much silent emotional strain does it cause to the daughter in law.And i bet that’s magnified by many such similar incidents over the course of the relation
    2)How wise it is to bicker over ban on western clothes.At least they are not asking you to cover your head with a pallu! 🙂

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