Censorship in a new avatar


The English movie channels ( I am guessing all over the country) are afflicted by a strange need to censor cuss words. I guess that’s natural but their replacements are strange  (in the sub-titles ie).

Shit becomes crap

Arse (sometimes) becomes bum; other times it is left as it is.

Fuck is completely obliterated

Fuck You/ Fuck Off becomes Go to hell.

You (any objectionable word) is just left blank and beeped out.

All this was funny up to a point and I even felt bad for the HBO(India)’s editor when they decided to show The Departed at prime time.

But one incident last week to censorship to a new level I thought:

In the movie The Peacemaker, the terrorist, at one point, is saying : I am a Serb, a Croat and a Muslim.”

The sub- titles left out the “and a Muslim.”

And I kept wondering since when did Muslim become an offensive word? Or have I failed to catch up?


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  1. You know what’s most irritating is having english subtitles on an english movie in the first place. If there are written words in front of me, I cannot not read them. And I now spend all my time comparing the two versions rather than watching the movie.

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