Hindutva is not how it is meant to be


In the last few months, even the last one year… I have been forced to constantly question my eternal hatred of Narendra Modi. Somehow it’s one feeling that hasn’t dimmed since 2002. No amount of books on the subject or clean chits given to him or the industry doyens hailing him as the CEO of new India has made a difference.

In my new office I came across a girl who has made me question it really closely. Has it really become fashionable to hate Hindus? (the example of Slumdog Millionaire fit in as recently) Am I really that one-sided about it? Not willing to see that HE may be a good administrator (the roads in that start are fantastic) even as he willingly let children and babies die. Yes he wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last.  But for some reason he was the turning point

But I realised slowly why I hated the Hindu right-wing lobby. It’s mostly because these bloody right wing lobbyists showed me how this was not the Hindusim I grew up with.

The religion I was brought up with showed me equal opportunity was not something some people deigned to give. It wasn’t the religion that put down other communities, made victims of innocent people. It wasn’t the religion that decided because I was woman, I wasn’t allowed to do the many things that men are allowed to.

It didn’t make me feel ashamed. That I was a Hindu.

And for that one reason alone I will never be able to support right-wing Hindu fundamentalists and if that means not supporting an able administrating government, so be it.
If it means I have a different ideology and that I support minorities who aren’t always fair to other minorities, so be it.

Because I was taught not to be ashamed of my religion and I will do everything in my power to make that right.


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