Marathi manoos not here!


Though time and time again I (at least) am told not to be judgemental, I wonder if avowing not to judge someone is a judgement of sorts only?

But that’s just a thought.

In the last few months, my mother has upped the ante (so to speak) and brings ‘boys’ in all possible types for me ‘meet.’ I usually don’t get through the first meeting itself. The thing is, I am Maharashtrian and, a lot of the men I meet have terrible ‘ghati‘ (can’t think of any other appropriate word) accent. And I can’t get past that. I can’t think when I hear someone being something they are not.

English is not a mandatory language when you speak to me. Especially if you are not comfortable. I would be more at ease if you weren’t saying “probaaaably, viable ulternatives, taste (test) products, phurst and saycond places, vice-ay-varsha…etc etc etc

Now, at my work place, there is a gentlemen who is doing business developement for a important part of our company. And this is exactly how he speaks to clients and potential clients and vendors .

The worst part? He actually has substantial stuff to say.


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