A weekend of surreal movies


I often get a lot of flack for my choice of movies which leads to resultant arguments. I can’t always walk away from those arguments.

In the recent past it has been for movies like Tashan and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom which have caused massive arguments.. anyway.

This last weekend I took the Friday off  and spent the next three days watching movies I hadn’t seen in many, many years. I miss my neighbourhood video walla and wish Pallika Bazaar was closer:

Inaam Dus Hazaar: This is an all-time favourite and a copy of Hitchcock’s North By Northwest. I remember being extremely intrigued with the famous twist in this movie and had, unfortunately, seen the hindi movie first. Nothing to beat Cary Grant in the original with the famous ‘swoop‘ scene.

Neeyat: I would often mix this movie up with another Shashi Kapoor film Fakira but seeing this one again… an editor gets killed squeezed between floors.. absolutely delicious. And three men in love with the same woman. I enjoyed it thoroughly.. for the nth time.

Ghar Ho To Aisa: There were a lot of movies in this ‘Aisa’ series.. Biwi, Bhai, etc etc. This is a particular favourite and funnily it was shown thrice over the weekend. Must have been an Anil Kapoor favourite too. It’s basically about dowry and bad mother-in-laws and emancipating women. With the 80s favourite Meenakshi Sheshadri, I think I can even hum the songs along. I know!

Laatsaab: A whodunit of sorts, I caught this late at night. On a channel called ‘Zee Action’. Neat songs (very peppy and Bhappida-like) and a girl (Neelam) who romances boy (Jackie Shroff) from beyond the grave. A. K Hangal plays a very strange villain. Hmmm.

Chasme Baddoor: This, of course, needs no justification. Or explanation. Like any from its time — Katha and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. There is another am yet to see in a while.. Thoda Sa Roomani Ho Jaye.. very unlike comedy-cum-romance.

Kaash: Even looked like a Mahesh Bhatt film and explored some aspects of marriages and rearing children well but as was the case with all films there, production value was quite bad. Nice songs and even better chemistry between Jackie and Dimple.

Another long weekend coming up on the 26th. Are you listening you channel programmers?

He also writes about interesting Hindi films.


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  1. Bluesprite,

    Your list is quite freaky. But its great fun watching these so-bad-they-are-good films from time to time. Though the ‘Aisa’ category of films are grossly chauvinistic, there is something totally engrossing about them. Maybe Bindu. Or a Bindu-like character in each one.

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