Be the change you want to see


Yes, I know there is a lot of anger. Yes, I know you need a place to put it. Yes, I know, for many, words are an outlet. And yes, I know its just your opinion but could we please stick to topic at hand?

We need change. Do you know what that is? It isn’t signing up for peace marches and candle vigils. Yes those candles are very soothing indeed, but having a candles sputtering on badly-littered pavements and roads on Carter Road, at Gateway, on Marine Drive and in many other sundry parks and roads, isn’t change, it’s just a nuisance. Be proud of your city, scrape those pools of wax before you end your vigil. How many of you’ll actually did that?

Marches are fantastic but they also need a follow up. Like someone said on one of the numerous stories popping up on the internet, where is the messiah? We, as a terror-struck community, are desperately looking for someone to turn to.

Can you be that person? Even one per cent towards that goal? Not bribe. Ever. Stop others from doing so. Stop littering. Stop others from doing so. Be aware of your rights? Use them well? Use the weapon we have called RTI? Small things like when someone honks too much or jumps a light or parks wrong or jumps a place in a queue at the multiplex or refuses to let some hapless guard check his or her handbag because he or she is getting late for a movie or…. the list is endless.. I could go on and on…

You want change? Next time there is an election, go out and vote. Or get registered, that’s a start. On my chat list, I asked a random 10-12 people if they vote: only one said yes and she doesn’t even belong to Mumbai’s electoral lists. Some very matter-of-factly said, “No, out of choice.” You can’t be so matter of fact about your vote getting wasted. It’s like freedom, a lot of people fought to get a right to vote and women had a longer fight to get there. I guess, until you lose that right, you won’t know what you have lost. And, as my uncle told me when I was in college, you have no right to criticise the government if you did not vote. Even if all candidates are bad, not voting cannot be the answer. Accountability is another matter. How to make your elected leaders accountable is probably another post, for a time when the red haze from in front of my eyes has disappeared.

And you there, who has been sending me random mails from why Fair & Lovely is responsible for this state of the country to how cricketers should be transported in BEST buses instead of NSG personnel to all those other opinions which are all so verbose, get a life. Have the guts to actually do something, rather than spam my inbox.

Or start a blog and send the link, much easier.

Some more who say similar things.


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  1. I recently came to know about an interesting section in our constitution. There is a section ’49-O’ using which a voter can go to polling both, get finger marked and tell the officials the s/he chooses not to vote.

    Further, if the number of ’49-O’ votes are more than the margin of victory, the entire election is cancelled. [I am not too sure about this and need to verify this when time permits.]

  2. how is blogging any less impotent than going on a march or lighting a candle? if u light a candle doesnt mean you wont vote or stop someone from taking a bribe…

    but when u are down, really down, u look at doing something…any little thing. just because its not exactly a roaring wind of change, doesnt mean its nothing. It stil;l indicates someone got out of their comfort zone and DID something. yes, that person didnt stand for election or started a blog or whatever..but that person did something to reach out to a community…and in my opinion, that does count for something.

  3. I never said blogging was the answer to combat change neither have I said it doesn’t count; if you read carefully it says you need to do more than just that, which I am hoping it doesn’t stop at.

    Not lighting candle does not mean I give or take bribes either. I have always avoided it, even before blasts but am sure there are other places where I slip up. Candles have nothing to do with votes but at least people I was referring to in the post preferred going on vigils and marches than voting, by choice.

    Start a blog was those who rant in inboxes…

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