Chup chup baithe ho, zaroor koi baat hai


Has anyone noticed two new ads on the telly for sanitary napkins? One urges us to have a happy period with a flower made of sanitary napkins (OMG) and the other is just plain disgusting. I am still trying to figure out what that advertisement is trying to show. It’s a Kotex ad where a girl hides behind objects that fail to completely hide her. That is the parallel drawn to sanitary napkins. Don’t even get me started. It’s sexist, shitty and makes no sense. It’s worse than the ads we were shown when in school.

Even by the ad world’s hallowed standards there is the product sync. I just don’t get the connection and I am, after all, the target audience. Who designs these concepts? Are there any women ever in these teams? World over women seem to hate the campaign (the Whisper one) and its line and one would imagine the company would stop flaunting it again and again.
Then a friend stopped me cold: Can you imaging the same people coming up with ads for tampons?

Now I am truly afraid.

PS Couldn’t find any Youtube links for the new ads.


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  1. Are there any women ever in these teams?

    C’mon are you sure that there is not a Palin or two in the teams that created these ads…

    if you wanna find ads that are stupid…try Yahoo…what a waste of money

  2. Ya you are so right. The whisper flower ad is really ridiculous . God knows what the agency was thinking. No one will ever think of a sanitary pad ( however many beautiful patterns and arrangement they make of them) as flower , so what they really want is to kill our flower visual association for ever …
    Worse.. a girl expects flowers on her birthday and she gets a bouquet of STs !!!!

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