I overheard this at lunch


A lissome gal is standing guard over two plates full of food, heating in the microwave. I say standing guard because if you aren’t around, people may or may not wait till the timer chimes. She is waiting, tapping her feet, wondering perhaps why 2 minutes are this long.

A fella saddles along and notices that she is heating food in both the microwaves. He smiles and while he could have kept smiling, he turns around and says, “It certainly doesn’t look like you eat all this food. Are you going to eat all this?” he asks with a smile.

She smiles awkwardly and is saved by the proverbial bell. She grabs the plates and runs off.

What is this, if not sexist?


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  1. ? why sexist? i guess it’s the person’s lissomeness and not gender that nrought on the remark…if i saw a really lean guy heat up all that food, i’d be wondering, “where does he put away all that?”


  2. Wondering is one thing, voicing it is another entirely…to me. Wondering is something we all would do, but voicing it is, to me, some amount of cheekiness. It’s implicitly saying your body doesn’t seem like you need to eat so much, which means you are contemplating her body and it’s shape more than you should be . Would he have said the same thing if the girl heating two plates was fat or big? Anyway all just possible branches of conversation. 🙂

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