Nothing to file away


Some mornings away,  I was sitting in a bus that, as usual was packed to its seams. It was trudging along and stopped at every bus stop and when it seemed no more could be taken in, more climbed in. Old people, pregnant women, school children, women in finery all were just climbing in to escape the downpour that has been lashing Mumbai for the last few days… even weeks.

The bus was stuck and people falling all over the ones sitting. Some time earlier when the bus wasn’t all that packed, I was attempting reading a book. The book, being slightly existential in nature, wasn’t really giving me the required hook. So I remembered an old friend once telling me how she filed her nails all through her journey from Vasai to Churchgate.  I thought why not? My nails could use some filing.

I took out the filer and started away. But within 5 minutes I felt acutely conscious. after being stared at and put it my filer away. I actually felt a little strange. Here there were people who couldn’t stand straight due to the sea of humanity (or its sized equal for the bus) had entered the bus and I was merrily filing away nails like I was ensconced comfortably .

I still can’t figure that one out…

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