It’s fun..


Tags always make me think… about myself.. so here goes.

Thanks Nimpipi

I am: trying to catch up with my thoughts.

I think: I need a focus.

I know: nobody really cares.

I want: a bookshop, a bit of sky.. in front of the sea and wifi–all together.

I have: been known to make people fight.. for my entertainment.

I wish: I knew what to wish for.

I hate: indifference and cruelty.

I miss: my childhood; I’ve realised most of my choices were inherently made then.

I fear: dying after my loved ones; becoming a vegetable.

I feel: older than I am.

I hear: the incessant rain right now.

I smell: do I? I hope not.

I crave: potato chips, good coffee and cigarettes.

I search: for the perfect job.

I wonder: why all ‘what ifs’ are not answered. Life should be a book with multiple endings so that we know how things would turn out one way or the other.

I regret: not saying how I feel, at the time I feel it, to the person who makes me feel.

I love: chocolate, old photographs, freshly-washed treetops glimmering in sunlight, old T-shirts, expressive eyes.

I ache: for someone next to me.

I care: more than I want to show.

I am not: as strong as I like people to believe.

I believe: in the power of prayer and faith.

I dance: only when alone and helps if I am drunk.

I sing: only if I have a earworm.

I cry: only when I can’t help not crying anymore.

I don’t always: be true to what I say.

I fight: with the wrong people.

I write: only to vent.

I win: and I usually don’t know it.

I lose: often.

I never: say never anymore.

I always: rely on my memory which is kickass.

I confuse: fashion designers and PR people.

I listen: to Akaashvani news.

I can usually be found: trying hard to be a wallflower.

I am scared: of mind games and selfish friends.

I need: a time turner or better still.. a pensieve.

I am happy about: small things.

I imagine: the world will get worse before it starts to get better.

I’d like to tag Anumita, Mukta and Abhimanyu… and anybody else who wants to take it up.


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