Why we blog..or need to.. or stop altogether


The perpetual debate of why we blog. I was talking to my sister recently who has all but given up on her blog. Nothing to say.. she says and everybody can read it. That has pluses and minuses, I grumble.. since I was the one who encouraged her to blog. I listed ways to curtail information out there.. it doesn’t have to be there for every and any one?  She isn’t convinced .. And I feel bad seeing her blog all abandoned. It feels personal.

Another avid blogger and a friend.. has considerably reduced her blogging.. and when I mention it to her.. she says she has nothing to blog about anymore.. and I wondered.. She has a strong voice on it.. often one that would make her readers think..

Then I came across her.. I could, in some ways, understand why everyone at some point or the other.. chooses to stop blogging.

Link courtesy: Presstalk


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