Being proud


Back in the day, of course, everyone know what proper homosexuals looked like, because you saw them on telly all the time. There was John Inman. And Larry Grayson. Nowadays, ask the average person what a Gay man looks like, and expect a welter of answers far removed from the limp-wristed, handbag-swinging stereotype of yore. In fact, let us count some of the reasons why women had thought I was Gay (because I always ask);

Because I shave my head

Because I was having a drink with a mate, who also shaves his head

Because I was dancing with my mates

Because I was wearing a pink shirt

Because I was drinking vodka and cranberry

Because I was ‘really nice’

Because I was smiling all the time

Because I said I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a fight with anyone

Because I’d spoken to a woman’s mate for ten whole minutes without asking if she was available

Because some game between two Premiership teams I don’t give a monkey’s wank about was on in the room next door, and I wasn’t watching it

Because I looked ‘really happy’

Read the whole post here.

In the quest to find interesting people, I have a bunch of girlfriends now who are a mix of lesbians and straight women. It’s only when you interact with them on a daily basis, you realise that being gay today is no more the stereotype you would have imagined. They are smart, sexy, independent, successful and proud of their sexuality. I see the movement much more than just an underground, dubious only-available-at-night movement. And reading this post.. I realised how easy it is to transpose our misconceptions.

In this group I can never tell whether I am being hit on.. or it’s just concern. At the same time, I have never felt safer in a room full of bawdy, drunken men.


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