An auto rickshaw driver gives up


So says a ‘scooter walla’ as they call him in Delhi

I hate Mumbai roads. I can’t drive on them anymore.
I came from lands far far away* just to make some money and had this novel and under-utilised idea of driving an auto rickshaw here. But nobody lets me drive in peace:
Cars keep interrupting my journey by demanding that I stick to my lane. They even honk if I randomly swerve. Don’t they know that my vehicle was built to straddle two lanes? It’s just how I drive. My innate talent.
Car drivers actually get upset when I drive close to the road divider. Now how do I tell them that it’s the best place to be on the road. It you want to take a U-turn, what better place is there than next to the divider? it’s also an ideal place to cruise along to to spot potential customer on the other side of the road and then make a mad dash for it. But no, there is no explaining.
And what’s with all that flashing lights? The cars keep driving behind me flashing their headlights. For the life of me, I will never figure out why they do that.
The drivers honk if you over take from the left or if you insist on pushing your way right to the front at the signal. I mean if you aren’t in front, how on earth will you ever reach anywhere in time?
What about allowing ricks onto the smooth roads of ‘town’? I can’t wait to drive there.. to take those careening turns are fantastic speeds and perhaps even on two instead of three wheels? They had promised us we would be allowed to drive there but nothing has come of it yet.
Then the customers. They actually get upset if you ask for something a little over the fare. They even get affronted. Can you imagine?

I can’t work in such inhuman conditions and I am surrendering my driving license.

* I was going to say UP as a generic term but that’s taken on a colour so can’t be used without giving it some thought.

My aim in life (while I drive on Mumbai roads) is to get the auto rickshaws banned. For good.


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  1. And cyclists too.

    But…this is nothing compared to the Hell Delhi’s going to be once a certain Bus Transit Lane system is unleashed on a suspecting and murderously angry public…

    Yes. That will be the day I’ll hand in MY drivers’ license.

    And walk.

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