I have few friends who were part of my life before I started blogging. Some who I later introduced to my blog. And some who are friends now as a result of blogs. I often turn to my blog to voice out things I perhaps cannot in real life. And get very uncomfortable when someone in the real world reads the post and gets back to me asking more about my post.

It recently struck me that I do the same with some of my friends. Read the post on the feed. Look up the friend (sometimes even call) and ask what the matter is. Most are patient. They needn’t be. And they don’t categorically tell me off. I read a line on one post today that “No I haven’t gotten it checked and please do ask me anymore” on a friend’s blog.. it was a comment about her health.. and even I had been guilty of badgering her for updates. That’s when I realised I had to consciously separate my personas.

I am going to try not to react personally. Problems apart.. should friends want to discuss.. we discuss.. if they post and I have something to say.. I comment.. but its not fair.. that I ask the person why the online persona is troubled.


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  1. I think it’s fine. The way you read the blog of a person you know is different from the way you read the blog of a person you dont know. And likewise reactions too differ…
    You are alert when you read about something unusual and want to know about it as you would want to know even if you heard about the same through any other source. It’s the concern, the curiosity to know about someone you know well.
    So it’s not unfair when you ask them about something they blogged about… unless they make it clear they dont want to discuss what they wrote on a public blog!

  2. Interesting. We are still trying to understand what it means to have multiple identities – online/virtual and “real” – and how a balance between the two can be achieved. It may take a generation to figure out the social consequences, and deal with them effectively.

  3. sorry! but yeah – i blog abt stuff as a record at times. and i go nuts when ppl ask me about it. i too get very uncomfortable blurring the lines. and i dont like anyone calling me up and asking abt it. 😀

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