Good things and bad


I am so kicked today. For the first time I stared someone down today..

At the signal, in the car in front of me, the person driving it starts smiling, winking and leering at me through the  rearview mirror and for a moment I look away. And then realised that how dare he make uncomfortable in my own space. I turned my head and looked straight at him, glaring at him even, full of malevolence. He couldn’t believe it. He looked away and looked back at me and couldn’t believe that I wasn’t looking away. Eventually he stopped looking at the mirror altogether, at least till I overtook him.

I sped past with such elation. I now was ready to take on the world..

But only till the next signal.

A beggar child was going around asking for alms. She must have been about 10. She was dressed in a salwar kameez and had tied her dupatta around her budding bosom. She touched the feet of a man in an autorickshaw… and instead of just (impolitely) ignoring her or give her something.. he pulled her towards him into the autorickshaw. She was startled but still continued to ask and second time time around she almost disappeared into the rickshaw.

I battled the urge and get down and thrash this guy. But the signal turned green and the autorickshaw sped away.

And my happiness dimmed knowing that there are so many women and children who cannot get the courage to fight for themselves.. irrespective of whether they can or cannot.


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