No love lost


A friend asked me some days ago “Did it (Mumbai) accept u back the way u were before?” and my first thought, and reply, was “It’s trying hard to spit me out.”

Though it was a reflex I realised it was exactly how I felt. It’s city that is bursting .. and not open to accepting people.. even those brought up here. I left the city for a brief while and now that I am back.. it feels like a stranger who is masquerading as an old friend. One who looks familiar but has no lingering warmth of familiar bonds.

The entire skyline has changed thanks to revisiting development..the lovely, leafy, shady bylanes full of trees and dappled roads are now ricochet with concrete mixers and rubble trucks. Roads have widened but surfaces disappeared under the increasing multitude of cars. The little patch of sky is completely blocked by billboards — big, tall, fat, thin, shiny, with lights and so on and as it turns out most of them illegal.

But then am determined to not let this claustrophobia drive me out the city..for now


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