A bearded lady..


The last few months.. the weather has been kind to Mumbai. I chew my nails as I say this as it’s becoming unnervingly hot even as I type this. But I plod on nevertheless.

We have a huge tree of thus far unknown origin in the office premise (that only means that I can’t identify it) and a few days ago.. while standing in its sun-dappled shade and puffing away and trying to keep chai from spilling and hair from becoming a total mess, I discovered one lone hair on my chin.

I have a beard was my immediate thought! That was it! Destiny (and to a degree, hormones) were deciding my next career. Cigarette promptly abandoned, I ran to look for a mirror.

There it was. Not a stray hair. One very definitely attached to my chin. Ohdeargod was all I could think of.

I had visions of shaving daily…my chin ie and a stubble and all kinds of names and freak shows that would call me.

My worry was very evident on my face. A colleague asked me what the matter was. As I reluctantly told her my problem, she laughed… loudly… attracting nosy ears and mouth from adjacent bays..

“C’mon yaar! Every one has them and that’s what threading and waxing is for.” I felt like a school girl being introduced to various feminine rituals.

As days passed I got used to the stray hair on my chin and as it turns out .. every woman has a few stray ones on her chin.. mostly ruthlessly plucked or just as painfully yanked out.. So for now no tufted chin!


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  1. its usually a PCOS thing or something like that. get it checked up. and yeah – loads of women just have it threaded off. on the bright side – hey, you have another career option :p

  2. hahaha…. funny funny…. NOT laughing at you. I had the longest sideburns you can imagine. And all because like an idiot 15-year-old I decided to use annie french on my bloody sidies…and guess what happened?! No hair on chin but discovered darker hair around my belly button. I was sure that if i didnt do something about it, soon i’d have chest hair too. And to think that female gorillas and chimps can show off all their hair and are our ancestors. not bloody fair.

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