Rapidly disappearing


One thing I have realised in that last few days is how difficult it is to meet interesting people. You come across so many people in the course of work.. or through friends or just generally but very few who you actually talk to with an interest in what you are saying.. and pay attention to what they are saying..and even carry back observations from what you have learnt in the process.

Why ..I wonder…

When I was moved out of journalism I thought that was it.. now I would be on a desk job and not really meet any one new .. anyone scintillating… anyone who would influence my opinion or force me rethink mine.. What would stimulate me? Would I know every thing I would need to know and say when I should actually say it? But that is far from what actually happened. I met people who helped me shape my opinions about religion, marriage, abortion, feminism, relationships, books, authors, pets, parents, friends.. just about everything.

And now that am back in journalism.. I’ve realised there is far more inspiration in the real world than there is the limited sphere of journalism. Journalists can be so critical and not ready to accept that they’ve made a mistake.. whether its language or fact or trivia.. They are so opinionated without any grounds to be so. That INFORMATION is power is truly only understood when you are behind creating newsprint.

At a recent party.. sitting amidst a group of women who had strong opinions and even stronger voices, I wondered what I was doing there. I didn’t have any link with them. I was perhaps searching for inspiration because its what I do.. I try and observe a group and wonder what ticks the people in them and makes them feel for something or someone with such passion and why nothing and no one brings that out in me.

But sitting there..in a roomful of smoke and sweat and guzzling warm beer..I realised that I had enough of waiting for someone or something else to inspire me. I may not have ambitious goals (as it were) but peace of mind is just as difficult to achieve.

And another observation.. in this seemingly pointless ramble.. that even with people you cannot stand.. or handle or just about tolerate..you look at them long enough and talk to regularly.. you start seeing patterns in them that you appreciate and eventually even miss.. so are first  impressions may be wrong after all..


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  1. I agree with you!!Everyone wants to talk, no one wants to listen!!

    I have a theory that at one level, the human race is getting more and more superficial and I am able to substantiate that with what you’ve written!

    It is difficult to get a ‘substantial’ conversation going these days- we just seem to be interested in small talk…Also, this city keeps one so badly away from real friends that it is impossible to have an enlightening conversation with anyone outside one’s immediate family..

    Or may be after a certain age, knowingly or unknowingly, we hesitate in sharing our deepest beliefs or ideologies. Have you felt that with age, people get more and more interested in small talk?

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