Mind your language sir..


I came across a discussion on NDTV 24X7 about this whole fracas of who is a Mumbaikar..  and in the brief five minutes that I saw.. the taxi union’s chairman was trying to give his pov.. and unfortunately for him, he kept saying “Bombay” instead of “Mumbai” and some “Sena” types who was on the panel.. kept correcting him .. threatening him to say Mumbai instead of Bombay.. and his last line..

“Mind your language sir.. ”

* am still pissed.. language girl language.. control the cuss words

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  1. My grouse is more.. why is he asked to mind his language? Is he abusing anyone? is he being rude..? Just because he cannot truly think of it as Mumbai (just as we cant).. what’s with the jumping-down-your-throat attitude?
    What’s in a name, anyway?

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