Recently Vodaphone (earlier known as Hutch) sacked a female employee because she refused to stop wearing her symbols of marital status — sindhoor, bangles and a bindi. Their reason: her desk was near the reception (of a back end op) and they weren’t comfortable with someone like her sitting in a position where she could be easily spotted.

She went without a fight.

I didn’t know such discrimination had raised its ugly head in India too.


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  1. One should never ever go without a fight. Our upbringing should never teach us to stay away from a fight. It should teach us never to fear the aggressor.
    Both the Quran & the Gita teach us to fight injustice.
    Do tell the lady that it isn’t too late. She should fight even now. Not to win but just fight. Coz it’s her “karm”!

  2. Too often we go without a fight. We’re an apathetic country. Can you imagine her running to court and paying lawyers fees when she is unemployed…? The legal system doesnt give much hope does it?

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