Sex education


I always read news reports where people continually protest the introduction of sex education in schools and wondered what was the fuss about. Its better to have correct knowledge through the correct channels rather than relying on friends and sneaked-out magazines for information. An advertisement campaign by NACO was very pertinent and spoke about this recently but no this isn’t an ad rant.

At the newspaper I work, I now am in charge of the sex-related questions that appear every day, including interacting with the doctor. There is also the thrill of receiving ample letters (the snail mail kinds) though not addressed to me directly.

For the longest time, I used to think that, in a paper, these daily questions business has to be fudged. Such queries cannot be real. But like in most cases, real life is stranger than fiction.

Its appalling when one sees the kind of misinformation there is and despite that India is one of the most populous and populated nations.

* Masturbation is believed to cause everything from loss of vision to inability to “satisfy my mate” to even sexually transmitted diseases.
* Men constantly “have an encounter with a prostitute” and then look for absolution with a sexologist.
* Men worry if they sneeze too much and it would affect their “ability to do some thing at night”

* 30 and in love with a divorcee. Can his sexual life be affected due to the previous marital status
* 14 and masturbating uncontrallably, will it kill

* Married for 3 years and yet not consummated

* Husband travels and wants to know if there is any way he can tell if his wife is doing it with his friend

And it continues ..

I had my share of laughs initially but now I just get upset seeing the lack of information there is. We must be one the main societies in need of sex education.

PS and we need less judgmental sexologists too

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