Does anyone ever stop to actually do what they wish others did?


I am beginning to feel like Archie of Archie and the Gang.. I keep telling myself I wont .. I wont.. and I wont.. stop doing the same thing again and again. I am hoping that somewhere along the way some larger picture will start to make sense. To do or not do…

On a totally unrelated note I keep wondering what kind of misplaced affection prompts strange people to tell me how I “should lose weight beta so that you can get married in time and my parents can move on to their retired life”. I proceed to count to ten and hope the red haze disappears.

I take it out on my parents and make hasty, albeit undoable, declarations and tell them that they should carry on with their lives and well.. that just becomes a degenerative argument.

I was discussing this with my dentist, who is a couple of years older than me and it turns out that such random advice is given to people who are thin too! Her professors, school teachers and well-wishers also keep telling her..’why dont you put on weight so that you can get married?’

So we laughed a bit .. and I later wondered what prompted such nonsense. I used to think it was my parents who, in some ways, made it implicit that strange people could walk up to me and say what struck their fancy. Because it was after all a cause for concern for all that I am unmarried and more so because it’s a physical limitation that stops any guy from happily picking me out… and the more collective souls who worried, the better it was for the cause. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

What prompts people from dispensing strange bits of advice unrelated to them or their lives? Thin, fat, fair, working, not working, tall, short — there seems to be plenty of advice.


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