An excerpt


Some days ago.. colleagues were discussing other colleagues in office.

“Did you know S is pregnant?”
Oh! I didn’t even know she was married!”

Why does the latter have to be a condition for the former? I wonder if there ever will be a time when we won’t need to speculate whether a pregnant woman is definitely married and when it will actually cease to matter!


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  1. Well, there are many theories that explain why the latter needs to be a condition for the former. There’s an economic twist to the whole deal that suggests that marriage was a way to record paternity so as to avoid confusion during inheritance of property. There’s a sociological angle that indicates a society’s need to regulate the basic unit of human agglomeration – namely family.

    There’s a psychological basis that alludes to marriage providing a stable, strong framework for a baby.

    But I think your colleague only meant that S looked too young, slim, energetic, etc. to be pregnant, let alone be married.

  2. Too slim to be pregnant I understand.. but too slim to be married is again something I don’t understand.
    And ..there are always theories for and against something.. that should not make the condition mandatory..

  3. theories never make anything mandatory. they merely propose an explanation as to why certain things are the way they are.

    Like, how some people co-relate joining cookery classes with landing a husband. Many times, there is a co-relation, some times there isn’t. But most often when people do that, they aren’t passing a value judgment, they are merely bringing their understanding to the situation.

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