It’s back…


My book reading bug.. and I cant seem to get enough books started but this time all plans to finish reading them too.

Among the books finished reading recently must-reads were The Glass Palace — Amitav Ghosh (of course I seem to have caught on real late to this author) and I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being A Woman — Nora Ephron.

While the first one is fabulously written gripping narrative that spans many generations and a style is difficult to keep up with, it is the second one that I really loved. It was actually like having a very interesting conversation with a very smart, stylish, witty person.

Its not a book on ageing. Its not a book on feminism. Its not women things. Its just thoughts .. random ones at that.. but reading them put together like this makes you want to smile. Because if you pick up all those notebooks (and emails and blogposts) that you have started and for some reason and not finished, this is exactly how you will smile.. reading and thinking about the relevant circumstance and smiling. Wondering how much you have changed since and knowing inside that you have not really changed at all.

Its actually a woman’s evolution.. from a single woman to a mother and a wife.. and a writer and a filmmaker and a script writer.. among many other things that she becomes. I wouldn’t say go out there and buy it but should you chance upon it some day on some friend’s bookshelf, do take some time and read it.


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