Well done chaps


Today was the 10th day of Ganpati Visarjan in Mumbai and here it can be a hellish experience. Bad, bad, really bad traffic jams… people who do seem to come out of nowhere  and station themselves on the road.. cars and buses that move absolutely not even an inch.. and you ruing the time when you decided to venture out.

Its honestly very bad every year so much so that offices, schools and colleges so this year, for the tenth (and biggest) day of visarjan, I was dreading going to work. But the distance that normally takes over an hour today too me 35 minutes to go and under 30 minutes to come back.

I was surprised to say the least, but at the same time, I realised this was so only because of our the super-efficient cops. I have to say here that they did a superb and well organised job. Nobody realises how much work they need to do on days like this but I have to go on record here that on days like the traffic machinery in Mumbai rules.


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  1. Very very true. The 31st of Dec, 2006 – when we were all dreading the manic New Years traffic…it worked like a DREAM!

    Yep…we don’t notice the good jobs often enough.

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