The world as we know it, is certainly ending


We live in this land of homogenised paper cups, vending machine the spew out moccachinos, ‘capachinos’, hot chocolate and ‘plane’ horlicks. Its a cramped newspaper office with spelling mistakes galore but not let me not digress. It’s my new office.

I say homogenised land of paper cups because here at my new office, we have a very snazzy vending machine that bursts forth with dozens of hot beverages and for the first few days I hardly drank any. My conscience would not allow me to drink more than one cup a day or one type through the day so as to waste fewer cups. (Yes, one of those). So I solved my problem.

I got my own neat ceramic and marched forth ahead for that first environmentally sound cuppa. But now I had a different problem. The cup would not fit into the vending machine. So I was stuck to dissolving milk powder and coffee and going stir and drink .. stir and drink..

I had noticed people slugging suspicious looking hot drinks in many a fancy mug and wondered how they solved the problem. Without wanting to appear very foolish (some would do) at perhaps not noticing the obvious, I asked one colleague. She says, “Simple. Fill your mug up with a paper cup and enjoy.”


Has anyone every noticed how much paper is wasted at a paper’s office? Try it! We have trucks coming to collect the raddi!


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  1. In my earlier office in Noida, we had a vending machine with a sliding base. So if you had a larger cup, you could slide off the base and fill it up.

    Maybe if you tilted your cup and got it filled?

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