Oh, you are that type!


Is it my imagination or have people become more judgemental? more impatient? more obnoxious? more something? more everything? Is it a Mumbai thing or is every human-inhabitated place suffering from this malaise?

In the last few weeks, this particular question has been directed towards me a number of times.

“Oh! You wait for a red light even though the others sides are empty. You are one of those, eh?”

“You reuse papers for printing? Oh! You are one of those, is it?”

“You cant take money from your parents when you finish your salary? Oh you are that type, is it?”

“You let your parents’ expectations affect you is it?”

“Why are you getting an NOC for your car when there are so many other cars who don’t?”

I don’t know what type is that..and now go straight to purple when people ask me that.

Ah and yes,

“You like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom? Why?” and after hearing my answer, “Oh that type eh?”


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