Step on it.


I have just moved from Delhi back to Mumbai and while most luggage, including yours truly, found a way back home on alternate and reasonable means of transport, my car (my pride and my joy I might add) proved to be a quite a task. So we took the easiest way out and decided to drive down.

While the drive was an experience in itself, my preoccupation with driving a Delhi-registered car in Mumbai took up most of my thinking space. Sigh! Did you know you cannot just waltz in and out states with cars from any other state? You need to get all kinds of NOCs to certify that your car is not wanted in terrorist activity or any such dire premise. As if that were not enough, once you enter Maharashtra (since those are the states in question here), I have to pay all kinds of taxes .. all for lifetime use.. and all of which I have paid in Delhi when I bought the car.

So now, on Mumbai roads, all I do (at the peril of my passengers) is stare at number plates of passing cars. I see a DL registered car and break out clapping. A WB registered one? Yippee. An AP car? Hip hip hurrah! Cars with a Karnataka registration actually make me ecstatic.

Meanwhile, my family has decided not to sit with me while I drive as I have almost nearly knocked half a dozen pedestrians, nearly rammed into stationery cars and almost run through red lights.


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