Seeing is believing


Seeing Die Hard 4.0 last night made me realise ( in a somewhat amplified sense) that Americans are generally afraid of machines. Perennial fear is machines taking over their world and a close second is machines failing them — in a damaging permanent sort of way.

Why I still wonder? It’s amazing how much paranoia amplifies. Is it because everything is mechanised? Or is it because they have nothing to really fear? I mean, I loved the movie and all but for all those who berate Hindi films, this is was as good as one. Good guy always wins.. and no matter how many bad guys and mean machines he takes on… he always wins. He takes on machine guns, tankers, knives etc and still wins against them simultaneously. It is fantastic and always brings on the cheering and the whistles. But it is too fantastic for words.
How can such an audience like Hindi films? There is no doom is them. It is never about Armageddon. It never involves big, fangled machines with snazzy, black suits in bing, Hummer-like cars zipping around saving or ruining the world. Our films have colour, music, are larger than life and dont make you feel small at the end of the film. It makes you feel alive and you come out swooning to the latest tune.

That is why Jhoom Barabar Jhoom rocks! Go out there and see it. You will know what I mean.

Trivia: Did you know Marvel Comics made the distinction in Superman and Spider-Man identities by adding a hyphen to the latter’s name. Lest you get confused which “S”tar you were following. Don’t know why though since Spider-Man’s face had a mask while Superman’s had a err.. cowlick?


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  1. Also, if a story can’t be finished by telling it in 3 parts, maybe one should abstain from making the fourth. sigh! anyway, heard there’s a fifth in the offing.

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