Quitting my job has some released my from some kind of proverbial rut.  I have embarked on a major movie watching spree.

Movies seen in the last week: Pirates 3, Shrek 3, Ocean 13, Pan’s Labyrinthine, Taking Sides, Black Friday, Cheeni Kum– and  all superb while Shrek was only Good.

Any other good recommendations?

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  1. If you have not watched any of Wong Kar Wai, and can get your hands on some of his films, I would highly recommend those. Best to start with “In the Mood for Love” and “2046” followed by “The Days of Being Wild”. Also recommend a documentary called “The Fog of War”.

    All really worth watching on the big screen or a DVD, but “In the mood…” is also available on YouTube. The FOW is available on Google Video.


  2. Lest it cause any confusion, The Fog of War is a documentary made by Erroll Morris on Robert McNamara. Completely disconnected from Wong Kar Wai, but still worth watching!

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