Confusion abounds


Its that time.. when I know I am at a crossroad. Options are available but, as usual, one does not know what the result of taking any one path will be.

I read this today and though I read it before a certain event occured, now it seems to fit everything happening around me. Yup, its my job am talking about.

What if you realise that what you have been doing all your life is, in fact, not something you are meant to do? Then should you continue doing it, hoping one day it will be your thing? That feels stupid even as I write it.

But then, all present options are huge plunges. They are leaps of faith and an attempt to start from scratch. It’s too scary a concept right now to contemplate.

Should I be excited that I am getting a chance early in my career to well.. change my career or will I be one of those eternally confused souls who do many things but make nothing their own?

Or should I stick to my guns? There must be some reason I started doing what I have been doing?


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  1. Yogi Berra once said: “When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!”

    If it’s not immediately clear to you what that means, then you are not there yet.

  2. I have very recently gone through a similar predicament! I wanted to stay, my company was giving me all I wanted, it didn’t make sense quitting, I had stopped looking for jobs and suddenly a friend called up from a small company and told me about a very lucrative profile! It’s like jumping a few steps in the ladder! My current company would be able to offer me that profile only after 5 years!

    I have taken the offer!

    I am not suggesting anything but below were some of the questions I asked myself before deciding:

    1. Do I have a GOOD reason to quit?
    2. Have I given enough chance to my current company to give me a GOOD reason not to quit?
    3. Can I take a risk at this point in my career?
    4. Let us assume that things go wrong whichever way I go. So, would the failure at new place hurt more or would the thought that I didn’t take up an exciting opportunity hurt more?

    Good luck, Bluespriite!

    Hope this long comment is relevant!

  3. Anup: Thanks
    Lazyblogger: Thats the point.. my new opportunity lies within my current company and yup am not looking for another job either. So the question of a failure at a new place.. is rt now not the thing I am thinking about. Since I cannot mail you at the official id, where can i mail you? Is your phone number the same?

  4. Oh my dear, I wish I had the answers for you but I’m looking for them myself. I’m stuck in a rut too — trying to convince myself that everything in my life is okay and trying to ignore the void that’s lividly doing a song and dance in my living room. I wish I had the courage to take up on some options in front of me… but I’m too scared to let go of the certain and secure sometimes. Such a cliche but so true.

  5. See, there are things you know about yourself – that you will do the best you can, you will not be sloppy in your attitude, that you will probably not take an opportunity for granted….

    With all this, J, I know that you will not fail. Okay, so maybe you won’t impress the socks off your peers in the very first assignment but that’s life, right?

    Failure is nothing compared to regret. Fear is nothing compared to thrill. So on and so forth…
    And to quote an old British Airways advertisement – when was the last time you did something for the first time?

    Since I don’t belive in co-incidences, I truly believe that maybe the reason you took up your current job in the first place was so that you could get the experiences (and the opportunity) for something new, something more.

    Go for it! All the very, very best! (and if the new opportunity involves food or sunjay dutt, please do remember me.)



  6. Princess Banter: Security a blanket that is very difficult to let go off voluntarily.
    Mukta: Yes I finally did something for the first time. Quit without another job in hand!

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